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Davis Brand Bait

We are the home of the Davis Brand Bait collection.

Available Products

  • Coon Swoon Oil: A sweet fish infatuating odor raccoon can't resist. It works well as a trailing scent, at crawfish holes, pocket sets or with dog-proof traps. Available in 4 oz. and 16oz. $0.00

  • Last Supper Bait: A fox and coyote paste bait made from bobcat meat that has a mountain of predators to it's credit. Available in 8 oz. and 16 oz. $0.00

  • DP Paste Bait: Same as Coon Swoon oil but in a paste form. It comes in a caulking tube for easy application when baiting dog proof traps. A sweet fish paste that mice can't carry off and coon can't resist. Available in a 10 oz. tube. $0.00

  • Red Fox Gland: Description. Available in... $0.00

  • Beaver Retriever: Description. Available in... $0.00

  • Raccoon Call: Description. Available in... $0.00